Wednesday, March 23, 2005

fish in the spring rain

(i loved this scene.)
i feel very free. although that looks suspiciously like a snowflake out there. i will ignore it.

not daylight, Atlantic City, 3/2005

they've built a Cuban quarter in the Tropicana in Atlantic City.
i've always had a soft spot for the Trop--it was one of the first casinos i knew of, & it used to contain an Olde-Atlantic-City-themed amusement park. many birthday parties revolved around Tivoli Pier : i never had a birthday at a roller rink or a Chuck E. Cheese. i had Tivoli & the Bally's Park Place spa. 20 12-yr-old in 10 hot tubs. they outlawed parties after one last one for my brother, tho--a roaming tribe of 9-yr-old boys stealing cologne & opening all the sauna doors.

shit. it is snowing.

anyway, now instead of the boardwalk chair ride where holographic showgirls sang about the joys of cocktails & the diving horses at Steel Pier, or the ferris wheel numbered like a clock that overlooked the casino floor (keep in mind there are no clocks in casinos anywhere--this was very surreal), they've got a Havana-style courtyard with a fake sky & uber-shops, & an enormous bronze of Lenin standing authoritatively outside the Red Square bar with its columns of ice & frescoes of propaganda. how quickly times change. whatever happened to "dirty commies" & all that Castro nonsense?

mind you, for all our policies etc., instead of a young fiery dictator in Cuba we have an old fiery dictator.
by the by, the original promotions for the Quarter (this started a few years ago, mind) involved billboards of Castro with a grin & a cigar. people were irritated, to say the least, & public opinion insisted on painting those red circles with a line (as in "no smoking" or "no parking") in huge proportion over every Castro ("no Castro?").

insert Castro here

the art reminded me of those art history classes i'd taken at the Zimmerli Museum in New Brunswick, which has a random (to me) assortment of works of the Russian Avante- Garde.
many contain writing of some sort; the strange alphabet always appealed to me as part of the work. kinda like abstract art.

in Red Square, Atlantic City 3/2005

as for commies (what?) we turn to the plight of NYTimes journalist Zhao Yan in Beijing. i don't know that there's anything to do to help, but awareness has to count for something, no?

which topic reminds me of corporate culture (or any i'm-bigger-than-you system) & i thought that fans of the Weird Little Store might appreciate Louisville's campaign for weirdness.
vive la weird!

weirdness? did someone say Monty Python? Spamalot has clip-cloppped onto Broadway, Tim Curry (joy) & Hank Azaria starring. bring your children.

& if you've actually registered for NYTimes for all the billion articles i link too, here's an editorial from a former Brit Parliament member about the dangers of overstepping the bounds of majority, as it were. considering the bizarre federalist antics of out current admin, it seems a timely warning.

ah, timing: the snow seems to have ceased.

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Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

Thanks for the campaign for weirdness artilce....I'm all for saving the small stores that make our cities unique and individual. I've seen too many amazing stores go out of business to be replaced by a chain store of which several in the city already exist.

I'd love to see Spamelot! It'll eventually get here in an off-Broadway version!

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