Tuesday, March 22, 2005

fish of the gods

hmmm. what would that be?

i like saying things like mahi mahi & orange roughy.

nike on the boardwalk

the atlantic city boardwalk is a cornocopia of potential images for a girl with a new camera (even if said girl grew up there. hey, what can i say, i'm a tourist in my own backyard).
on the one hand, i realize how much i have to learn about how to use the damn thing. on the other hand, i look at the first shots i took with other cameras, & i just get giddy with the thought of what i'll be able to do later.

framed in the bathroom at the Sands, room 1212

i love random hotel rooms, especially when they're free.

in other news, today is World Water Day. whatever that means.
love your water! it perpetuates the fish!

this says it all about this place, really.

1 little fish:

Blogger FunkyB swam up to say...

Have great fun with your new shooter! I love love love seeing pictures that others take, so please keep sharing!

10:37 AM  

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