Saturday, March 26, 2005

samurai fish; or, thank you shinsen.

so i promised a review of Samurai Champloo, but the more i thought about it, the more i remembered that certain dear friends haven't finished the series yet & i may wake up in the middle of one night in a field of katana as they prepare to take their revenge if i reveal the end.

battlecry (all these images are from the title sequence)

& the end was truly amazing; fantastic storytelling & complicated, symbolic, & wickedly well-drawn characters (both in the literary & visual sense.)


one of the appeals of anime for me is the storytelling in the original language--no, sorry to disappoint you, i don't yet speak or understand Japanese, though i hear it in dreams sometimes. but the original tone & voices are there, which is really the first thing to go in translation, & the sounds & screen together communicate the story (er, with some help from subtitles--thank god for fansubs). we're talking about damn good cartoons here.


the story itself is a classic journey myth, a traveller's tale (which i've always been fond of. bring on the gypsies!) & a sort of quest. but the best kinds of stories are strung from the archetypes & then twisted & welded & shaped into something greater (the worst kinds of these are strung up by their toes. or their figgin.)


want it? i know you do.
anyway, this is one of the greats. i love tv that's just exhilarating to watch & is truly gleeful & enthralled by the power of the medium.

& i have a small crush on Mugen.

post-script: all these images (except the top wallpaper) were captured from the video with Topaz Moment, which i've got on trial at the moment & am quite ecstatic over.

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