Saturday, April 30, 2005

thing one & thing fish

Time works in bizarre and convoluted ways, twisting us over like Moebius strips. know what i mean?

Maxwell's, Hoboken.

it would have been stranger still if i'd found them at random, but it was still a surreal experience--always is a strange experience--to encounter people you've known for 20 years, which in my case is most of my short life, & particularly at a rat-in-a-maze location like the Knitting Factory. but that's where i encountered Thing One.

what do you say when suddenly someone you mostly remember for a mop of blond hair & crush he had on you in second grade is playing badass fretless bass in a tight band that sounds like the lovechild of 70s funk, oldschool R&B, & jam-jazz? can 3 genres have a lovechild? hmmm. i think that's a failed metaphor. it's like more upbeat Portishead, or grittier G. Love, with a slice of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

i caught them last night at Maxwell's in Hoboken--pause a moment, to state for the record, that i passionately dislike Hoboken (for too many reasons to get into right here & now)--& they were hot. saxophones are always a good thing. i've developed a new affection for the Rhodes. the vocals get into this fugue-like state of variations & become another face of instrumentation--am i making sense?

& somehow the music is a reflection of me--which is partly geography & partly the connections between people, sustained, & also something else that has a feeling of an era about it.

(& thanks to them i've learned what a mellotron is.)

disclaimer: i may be a wee biased. i mean, i opened the album cover & there was a picture of the front door of the building where i went to kindergarten.

at any rate, the tourist has been updated with some photos, none of which are that great as i was grooving at the back of the room & apparently my flash doesn't travel near far enough in near darkness--but even distorted strange light photos can communicate the image, the mood, vibe, energy, setting, tone, etcetera.

check them out, they're totally worthwhile.

2 little fish:

Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

Sounds like you had some pleasant surprises which brought up some really cool memories from your foundational years....really cool.

And thanks for the daily education...I not only didn't know what a Mellotron was but hadn't heard of it. I feel smarter! Bring on Trivial Pursuit!

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Love Doctor swam up to say...


thank you for the coming out to the show last night at Maxwells and for taking the time to post such thoughtful comments. they are some of the nicest compliments that we have received.

i really dig the pictures also.


8:23 PM  

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