Thursday, May 19, 2005

possibly more information than you fished for.

that's right kids, it's time to reveal the secret answers to your questions concerning the universe--or the bit that contains me, anyway.

emily started this whole thing, & she asked me these questions ages ago, so without further ado:

emily: jenn see,
1. What is your most memorable selfless act?

jenn see: is it wrong that it's taking me awhile to think of one?
ultimately i think i do nice things for other people because it makes me happy.

shit. i don't think i am selfless, ever, even if it might seem like that on the surface.

um, you fishies who know me, can you think of any selfless acts i have performed?

emily: 2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

j: drinking champagne on any day i don't have to work. even if it's (ahem) tuesday.
bubble, bubble.

e: 3. Can you find a photograph that expresses your greatest fear?

j: that photograph of the burning monk. self-immolation. burning to death. shudder. thank god i don't live in the days when they burned witches, i would have been ashes, i'm sure.
but i do want to be cremated after i'm dead.

e: 4. When did it hit you?

j: what, the fear of fire? i had a nightmare once about my house burning down round me. it was god-awful. we'd had some sort of fire prevention presentation at school & the images really stuck with me.

when i was 14 it hit me that no one could live my life for me. when i was 9 it hit me that everything is mortal, everything passes away. when i was 19 it hit me that the Midwest was no place for me. when i was 22 it hit me that i could control my own neuroses. last june a man on the way to a bar hit me. totalled my car, too. bastard.

e: 5. What is your favorite part of blogging? What does the experience provide for you?

j: i blog so as to have a venue for my creativity. mysfit & i have a longstanding creative partnership, & it seemed a good way to keep a good thing going over different time zones. it's totally worked, too, & i'm writing prolifically. yay!
besides, i like having conversations with strangers.

& of course mysfit grabbed the thing & ran with it, & since i've known her for years, i couldn't help but wonder what such an interview would reveal. wait no longer:

mysfit: jennsee, darling, i would like to know:
1)What's the weirdest thing you've ever done for a job?

jenn see: the weirdest thing that ever happened to me at work was when i was 17 & working for an Italian restaurant in a shore town near Atlantic City. i had to occasionally make catering deliveries, & one busy night, pulling out of the parking lot in my boss's new truck, i had the very surreal experience of listening to a concrete post rip open the side panel & the wheel well. the post was just short enough to be out of view of a girl unused to SUV's. the whole damn bumper just fell off, & i spent the rest of the night with one of the waiters drinking wine & trying to duct tape it back together.

the weirdest thing i've ever done to get a job...that's trickier. more often i'm at my most creative when i'm trying not to work. i don't just call out; i devise lengthy plans & excuses that cover every possible question that might be posed to me that i might remain almost entirely blameless for my absence. for example, this week i've had to call out of my current job (which i hate, hate, hate, which is rare for me) in order to attend interviews for a new one. this is fairly bizarre, especially since normally when i call out i sink back into bed with a feeling of utmost relief.

i wasn't made to work; i was made to host parties & make conversations. if i ever get around to that time machine i will be "Lady So-and-so" with her 17th-century Parisian salon.

m: 2)Where do colors go when they fade?

to Rainbow Land to become sprites working for the good of children everywhere.

sorry, i couldn't resist.

they go into the air of course, particle by reflective particle, leached out by sunshine or wind or washing machines, floating invisibly with newfound freedom & no attachments to objects, winging their way into space. when good colors fade they become supernovas.

seriously, though, lately there seems to be an overabundance of green in the air, based on how my car's been changing color before my eyes.

m: 3)Would you ever go skinny dipping in a stranger's pool if you thought they were out of town?

j: this is a leading question, dammit.
moment of truth: i've never gone skinny dipping. i'm a little selective about who gets to see me naked, & the circumstances have just never been appropriate.
it's on my list of things to do before i die, though (hopefully before i get all wrinkly & saggy), & i will be keeping my eye out for secluded tropical pools & private Mediterranean beaches.

as for stranger's swimming pools, that's a different story entirely. i grew up in a shore town, where 60% of the population is only there for June, July, & August. there were plenty of warm nights in May & September, & half these tourists were only around on the weekends anyway; what crowd of adventurous (read: drunk) teenagers, with a bit of a chip about shoobies*, could resist all those lovely warm glowing vacant swimming pools? they line up along the boardwalk, beach house after beach house with luminous aquamarine hints of water peeking out between shrubs, trees, & fences.

hence, the practice known as pool-hopping: wear a suit (& maybe, if you're a girl, some easy shorts too), always know where your towel is, remember where you left the beer & you better hope you can hop fences. chased from one trespassing incident to another by rent-a-cops, neighbors, & sometimes sneaky homeowners all sleeping & acting like there was no one there, we'd race up & down the boardwalk & the beach, Longport to Atlantic City, stealing the luxuries of being a little bit wealthier. it was an adrenaline rush at times; there were also times when we weren't caught & we'd almost forget that this wasn't our personal swimming pool. ah, being 15, when for whatever reason we could get away with antics like this.

m: 4)What anime character do you most identify with?

j: hmmmm. i look like Witch Hunter Robin, my favorite of all time is probably Vash the Stampede, & character-wise, i think i identify with Fuu-chan.

Witch Hunter Robin.

me as Robin, Halloween 2004.

i realize this answer is a bit of a cheat. i may come back to it later.

m: 5)What's the scariest dream you've ever had? (If you don't remember a dream, explain the scariest experience you've ever had.)

j: my scariest dream (that is, the one that affected me the most) is also my earliest memory. i was 4 years old, & my baby brother had just learned to walk. (he was a tad precocious even then; he started walking at 7 months. me? i was about a year & decided that the middle of Chicago/O'Hare was a good place to start. if you wanted to know.)

what i remember: the screened in porch, with the bright red-painted concrete floor, runs the length of the front of my house (which is a cute little number in black & white). the screens are in giant (to me, anyway) archways, a sort of 2-D collonade; the edge opposite the side with the entrance looks into an alley or path between our house & the neighbors, bound by rhododendrons & brimming with potential for the imagination. i had a lot of fun in those hedges.
anyway, my baby brother (in the dream, remember?) has toddled the length of the porch from the front door to this edge, & he's leaning against the screen, looking out. i remember what his little hands looked like (20 years later he may beat me up for describing this) pressing against the screen, the same way they looked pressing out of the mesh playpen. do you know what i'm talking about? it's a weird effect that both numbs & stimulates the palms, a weird pattern-texture-smoothed thing.
suddenly the screen tears, without a sound, & pulls right out of the archway; out tumbles my brother.
i've been (in the dream) watching this from the middle of the room; i go after him & lean out.
for no good reason there is a yawning pit, a hole, where the path used to be (though the path goes on away on either side), & he's disappeared into it. i tumble after him, screaming, & try to save him--it's all echoey & i can't hear where he is & there's cobwebs strung everywhere across the pit, i fall through them, they're in my hair & mouth & i can't save him.

& that's all of the earliest thing i remember.

the scariest moment--& i've had a few, but this is a Moment that i'm going to always remember--is (oddly enough considering my fears) when i set myself on fire. there was a votive burning in a terracotta holder (designed specifically for votives, i might add) for an all-night final exam study session, i'm awakened from under my art history tome (so i dozed off a bit) with "there's a fire in your room."
the varnish on the votive holder has caught fire. it's near enough to a curtain to make me panic. what i should have done was grab a wet towel & a saucepot, but what i did (i was a little delirious) was just try to pick the damn thing up to move it.
it exploded in my hand.
whatever was flaming in there--shards, wax, wick--torched my hand & fell.
on the carpet.
this is the moment.


the entire surface of the rug--on which i'm standing--is ignited in a rolling, spreading kind of sudden flame. you know how you can burn the fuzzies off your socks? (er, i'm not the only one, am i?) it was like that. vivid, blue & orange & gold, the fire seared every bit of loose fuzz & cat hair off that carpet.

then it went out, just like that, leaving a few shards smoldering on the fabric.

my heart still races remembering it.

but mysfit knows all this, she was there. she's the one who woke me up, thank god.

mysfit: Bonus question:I'd also like to know what kind of fish best depicts your darkside...

jennsee: hmmmm. ok, this is really difficult. there's no such thing as a Melodramatic Fish, at least not that Google knows about. i'm going to have to go with the bluestriped fangblenny, partly because it's fun to say & partly because it's a sneaky little bastard, which i tend to be in my worst moments.

like me, it disguises itself in costumes to move where & when it pleases, particularly when it's on the hunt.

tag, little fishies. you're it.

*shoobies: n. pl. don't know where they're going, don't know where they live, don't know how to act, despised by those at whom they throw money. sigh. tourist towns.

18 little fish:

Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

i was also the one going for baking soda and, failing that a wet towel at the moment you picked it up - and the one who drove you to the hospital - can you tell why i might be a little scared to let her play with fire?

1:44 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

and for those of you who are curious...

carl v, suzanna danna, phylos and knife-fight have all posted their answer - click to view...

2:03 PM  
Blogger oldben swam up to say...

i'd like to play the 5 questions game, please. anyone care to ask me anything? anyone? hellllooo? i know i'm not as cute as mysfit or jennsee, but i think i'm interesting...

3:21 PM  
Blogger Daniel Heath swam up to say...

you're hella interesting, o.b.

1. You are clearly a ghost samurai. How did you get into this racket, how's the pay, and is that your real moustache?

2. Would you rather have a jet pack or a special robot arm which dispenses superb espresso and vintage Barolo?

3. When you're on the train and you see the signs that say "do not throw anything from the train" (or "ne jetez pas aucun objets dans le fenestre" as they say in France), what do you get the urge to chuck out the window?

4. Name your favorite foods for:
4a. zombie attack
4b. true love
4c. zero gravity
4d. waking up not knowing where you are or how you go there but you're covered in it

5. We'll end with a simple one: nature or nurture?

(any other fish who feel the urge should please feel free to answer)
-monkey 0

ps - if the fish have some interview questions for me, I'd be honored.

4:25 PM  
Blogger theleftsock swam up to say...

please do not attempt to burn the fuzzies off of me.
thank you
this has been a public service announcement

4:51 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

is it cheating for me to interview you? i don't think so.

1. the universe: infinitely expanding, or goes in cycles?

2. if you were a plant, what would you be?

3. which fictional character do you have the biggest crush on?

4. if we make a movie of your life, who should we get to direct it? who would star? who would play me?

5. what's your favorite word? who's your favorite musician? how are the 2 related?

& i think we can consider "what fish represents your dark side?" to be a requisite.

8:43 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...


1. what is the weirdest, most bizarre, most surreal scene you have found yourself in the midst of?

2. what is it about monkeys? (for that matter, what is it about fish?)

3. what are you reading & why?

4. if you were confronted by a beautiful woman who would keep you as a pet & provide everything you need for life, would you accept? what would she look like? would she have an accent?

5. the afterlife. what do you think?

8:46 PM  
Blogger tescosuicide swam up to say...

Wow... is there anything else to know? LOL - The fire story is choice! two really are about the fishes huh?

9:26 PM  
Blogger banzai cat swam up to say...

Wow. Those were harrowing tales. I can see why you're a fishy. Makes me want to pop out the Zodiac and the Chinese horoscope to see what elements are in play with you. ;)

And considering am trying to keep track of Witch-Hunter Robin, yes, I can certainly see the resemblance. :)

12:17 AM  
Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

Great and fun answers, Jenn See...I still plan on asking you my questions soon. The Star Wars haze will lift and I will return to normal weirdness levels...

9:37 AM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

hmmm, jennsee - i think you forgot to post the rules

10:41 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

rules, pshaw. everyone knows what's going on by now.

11:52 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

mysfit: (sniff) you may have saved my life that day (tears in eyes).

tesco: it's a, what do you call it, theme. & there's always more to know.

banzai: don't know if you want to do that. i'm a bit of an astrological anomaly.
but if you want to try, i was born March 20, 1980, in Auburn, Washington, at 8:05 pm pacific standard time.
don't ask me about retrogrades.

carl v: looking forward to it, what, a few months from now? you should know that Star Wars has serious staying power.

12:01 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

banzai cat:
prepare to be interviewed!

1. would you like a cup of coffee? a scone?

2. what weird Latin nomenclature can you apply to an aspect of your personality?

3. have you, or will you ever, dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

4. where & when were you born?

5. fate or free will?

2:07 PM  
Blogger Daniel Heath swam up to say...

thanks for the questions, j.s... I'll be getting back to you shortly.

meant to do it tonight but I spent all night fiddling with pictures of Harajuku instead... you know how it gets when you start cropping.

4:06 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

monkey - of course, since you're blog is for scratch fiction, i expect each question to be answered in the form of a story:)

9:25 AM  
Blogger banzai cat swam up to say...

Yay! Questions!

*rushes back to his blog*

1:13 AM  
Blogger jon swam up to say...

celtic astrology info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your celtic astrology posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to celtic astrology surfing LOL : )


10:57 PM  

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