Tuesday, May 10, 2005

uncle fish went to Bryn Mawr

which reminds me of "Bron-y-aur stomp" but isn't.

i was fortunate to grow up in a family with musicians on both sides; i have a whole mental scrapbook of acoustic guitars as seen by a child. & since then, of course.

my mother's brother, Jeffrey, performed this Saturday past at a quaint brick place called the Point, which had a nice open stage & good light. i love to hear my uncle play; he's able to project a level of emotion & expression into his voice that you rarely hear in folk music (for lack of a better word for the genre). partly i think this is his musical theater background--he was joined on stage at one point by the Jesus Christ Superstar band (he's played Jesus for over a decade running, now, i think. he's really good at it. it's kinda weird, but i've gotten used to it.) He was also joined by Ray, who plays bass on his cd; for the performance he played this ginormous mariachi-looking acoutic bass that was basically a guitar blown up. i remembered him from my little-girlhood, but he didn't remember me--& here's me thinking i haven't changed much at all (smirk). the rhythms were syncopated & sympathetic, the lyrics poetic, hermetic, & above all conscious. if that makes sense. i even heard some songs new to me, which was an unexpected pleasure. & he's written one of the best songs for fathers ever. & i should know.

if that weren't enough, i love the chicken song. the inherent absurdity one finds in chickens is akin to that of monkeys, methinks.

& i completely forgot to ask any of them if they'd seen A Mighty Wind.

the tourist has been updated with images of the show; we had a lovely time celebrating mother's day there.

as a side note, it was free comic book day at the store next door, & we scored whole handfuls of colorful sheets of paper.

i'll probably return & say more later, but for now i've got to go watch The Life Aquatic.
Ah, Steve Zissou: there's a man who follows his fish.

2 little fish:

Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

Sounds like a really good time.

There was actually some pretty cool stuff for free comic book day this time, I'm looking forward to some free time to check out all my freebies!

12:28 AM  
Blogger Luke swam up to say...

Do you have audios of your Uncle's music anywhere? I would love to hear it.

1:44 PM  

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