Monday, June 27, 2005

chapters ongoing

from the battered old journal of yesterday's fish...

Chapter 6: Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came

hands ache
from cracked red plates
of snow--
is no use as a shovel.

which hero would you be?
the cat a haiku,
white on white on the balcony.

we built a snow-pirate
after they wrestled
on ice
for the right hat.

there is a recurring character here.
shovel-battles were waged
over his place.

suddenly all pedestrians
were comrades
& all drivers
at war.

Chapter 7: not quite zeugma

patterns are formed by turning bricks vertical, geometry is revealed which seems to have meaning, here in the clay in the snow in the dark running parallel to the moon.


after a series of red rooms
a man
filled the frame of the door
in red & gold,
stood for some time
in red shoes &
snow sequins.

what i was really doing
was dancing
in snow i'd never
seen before.

sing to me you men of those throats & arms.
you sound better than you sound.

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Blogger Jaxe swam up to say...

Wow. My first time here Jen (From DeeM's site) and this is really cool and RANDOM! ha! I esp. like the Childe Roland ref (big Stevie King fan here). Great abstract stuff, I'll try to read more when my head clears!


5:48 PM  

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