Tuesday, August 02, 2005

through these portals walk the famous

self-portraits of Van Gogh all
on one upstairs wall
& portraits of others on another

pageant of shifting musical agents
drenched in neon location
poured down the stage area
bright language of titles

& I don't understand
the tree trunk
or tropical names like Robinson Crusoe
cast up on Manhattan edges

get the groove on
out of tunnels & street-giddy turns
tunnels with varying degrees of sky

I've been kidnapped & I like it
it's her emblematic red shirt--it's
a comment on communism

all this black light pointed at nothing
ignites a pervasive & subtle glow
& changes the eyes

the details--these are good details
like this monochromatic
collage in table-red

somewhere in this cityscape wasteland
fertile details bloom in time-lapse
& when the accessory drum beat ceases
suddenly silent in here

Elvis my

"something shook just died"
a lot of bodies
very loud
in a shrinking circle of space

& those elegantly leaning
wide women curving
next to me
sit rhythmically
catcalling in positive judgement

& the energy level
in spite of it all

I press my skull against this lower wall
to pull up right
for to
see you
or only clearly

in a crowded place I imagine you get quite the response
you & your sloped gliding shoulders
cast of character acts for comedic effect
& haloed in almost-pastels

i like that you dig behind lenses
on a slow song
            like that.

the original piece, of course, had much more interesting spacing...
i wanted to post this in tandem with the Kenny's Castaways photos from last week, but didn't get the time...when i was there i was reminiscing, as one does, or as i do, anyway...it's a bit of a fateful location, when i once decided that a certain someone was taking too damn long to steal me away, & i took matters into my own hands...as it were. but that's a different sort of story.
but i wrote this poem after that night, & it's strange how it resonates in me still.

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Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

I absolutely LOVE this line: "I've been kidnapped & I like it". Wonderful!

7:04 PM  
Blogger transience swam up to say...

i adored the last. adored it.

10:01 AM  
Blogger oldben swam up to say...

i'm a fan of that poem...sometimes a guy needs to be hit on the head.


2:08 PM  

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