Thursday, September 22, 2005

oh, the places i've been: part 3

an old vision of Atlantic City, for frank.
i may as well get this all out of my system at once.

Conversation: Route 30 East
for the roads that become important on a map.

I feel unsafe in this car
your hand twists
like to snap my wrist
you sink back to leather, tired
you work too hard
and I keep you awake days
you don't talk
so I answer the billboards
flashing backwards through windows:

Starlite Motor Inn
let's run away a weekend
I have a hotel fascination
we'll drink cheap wine
and room service
and peeling pink wallpaper
Are you ready for summer?
I'm holding my breath for heat and sweat
and running down roads, hammered,
till my heart escapes
Custom Hitches
think trailers, white trash,
the far sides of Jersey--
This ain't no lounge act
no, no, this is it,
you smell real
you think I'm damn near perfect
Just say, Hey Beer Man
Yes let's get drunk
ripped-up out-of-mind
piss-beer drunk
or Southern Comfort, or tequila,
shots, rims,
till we keel over warm on tile
Get started
Is anyone listening?
Are you paying attention to this?
the King in Concert
Yes Elvis is alive and dying in Atlantic City
like your apartment?
cramped and threadbare
and sixthousand hot cigarettes like sad poets
New Polish Festival
oh, the strangest things come from the city
we'll see every glittery bit
let's walk all the walks in summer
Collect a piece of Resorts history!
oh no, you have to dig for it
you have to stalk history down
as holy grails as turn-of-the-century cornerstones
Set 4 Life
hey you, kill me quickly please
if I depend on this city's thin blood
for life
I have a clinking change purse
one dollar eight cents
to my name
Spin for Life!
Yes I'm spinning
on the top roof of Ocean One
with an old scene and a moon
I'm dizzy
and I think this's life, yes
music that moves you
Listen! the music throbs
Let's dance, dance to exhaustion
I know you know where to go
I want the gorgeous songs
Earn cash today!
yeah, work, we got to work,
but waiting tables means
so many game-playing strangers
and booths
and Would you like more coffee?
Smoking or Non?
I'm tired--
you ready?
Collect it all year long!
There won't be another year,
not here
more valuable than gold
all the troves in the world
aren't you, you broke trite maniac
yes you try, just try
to be normal
Buried in debt? We can help.
Yes help me
oh please
Born to be wild
Yes I see bikers, roads, dances,
delirium, drinks, days nights
heat smoke fire madmen
balconies Oldsmobiles
and the sea
It's Bacchanal
it means candlelight
and cool breezes on warm beds
and goblets on goblets of reeling delight
cold wine
Music. Action. Attitude.
Oh yes dear, we have it
and know it
and they can't begin to touch us
Atlantic, yes. City, no.
I'll never dig the sea out of my blood.
And you will learn.
Roll with it, baby!
keep going keep going
keep GOING
Follow me to the WIld Side
yes follow me
and you know
though crazy,
though they all said No Never
we're beautiful,
and lovely in the way we live
So roll down the windows,
and here,
now you can drive.

Early Spring 1998, circa age 18.

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