Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Part 6 (travelling through Pennsylvania at the end of 2004.)

Chapter 14: so long as I keep it there.

in the Blue Mountain Tunnel
icicle stalactites seep through the ceiling
with everything of the mountain above,
they hang like sconces along the runner lights--
& suddenly it's daylight with
caverns behind us.

telephone lines cascade down the mountainside
in rivers of bareness--
what rivers there are
are frozen.

imagine a world of pigeons
next exit.
the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel
closed briefly
like a wink
& horns sounded as we entered.
flicker flicker.

an extra layer of boulder
left by water,
it seemed to be midway to nowhere.

I gasp
a tapestry of grass that seems to grow

cables turned silver filigree
slope up snow-dusted tree-studded
slope & draw the eye
to white-cloud runes etched
on the sky
lit by just after noon sun
sort of near the time of the solstice,
they leave spots on my eyes.

is that a country road?
it's plumper than it used to be.
trust Jesus! don't trust Jesus! trust Jesus!

the smell it this bedspread
makes all those motels
seem like years.

maybe they have been,
maybe we're moving faster
than light.

2 little fish:

Anonymous Anonymous swam up to say...

Been there many times (the PA turnpike tunnels, that is). Cool to see them reflected in a poem.

10:23 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

i've always been fond of those mountain tunnels. there's a field of windmills i'm rather affectionate about as well...

9:00 PM  

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