Wednesday, January 11, 2006

the gravitational mass of fish

my window is rattling in response to some vibration outside but when i lock it, it shifts to a subversively sonorous drone.

actually, i don't know where the vibration comes from; it could be anything.

it could be my cat stalking the Sailor Scouts, e.g.

here is a picture of right now.
or just then, as it probably is to you, by now.

i proclaim tomorrow (otherwise known as Thursday) to be Distraction-Free Day.
all random blogging, anime-watching, Dune-reading, re-organizing-of-the-kitchen-because-i-can't-take-it-anymore must be avoided at all costs.

i have to grovel to institutions & find bits of paper to prove the doctors wrong. i have to sticker my car. i have to shift the flower arrangements. i have to convince the cops to give me copies. all this & maybe a little bit of good v. evil as a nightcap. if i'm a good girl.

aha, it's almost a full moon, that's why everyone's all weird.

i was going to write about testing superstring theory (it involves black holes in the Alps) & perpendicular galaxies & the North Star's newfound friend & how long it takes to traverse a black hole (& my suspicion that they're missing out on some sort of infinity on that one) & the mouse that set a house on fire & the lions in Tanzania (but not about the one-eyed cat) but i wrote this instead.

this i just found i wrote almost exactly a year ago:

I notice the light first:

not at all green, rather gleaming & graywhite
as the sky's been,
slats & blurs of reflection off hardwood
shaded by swoops of transient curtain
which never draws but we see:

tree limbs like sticks in a winter bouquet
(there was mountain sage in the one I gave you)
the tenor dog has ceased its strangely-patterned communion
but the bass & bells of wet traffic
swell & ebb like a song:

the dog must be accents or
a reminder of rhythm.
in here the soundtrack is deliberately mythical,
the lyre of Orpheus inside windows,
mediocre coffee in a green marble mug:

deep green of seat cushions on white frames
& the licorice-green of wine bottles,
green iron & glass, spikes of organic green,
spiderplant, a young palm, basil vines:

in all that gray light, flecks of color
from a persona who gives me
green things with character,
who met in greens & greens
& Paris paintings in gray-green,

reflective green streets signs so
I know where I live
but where else is there green today?


ah, it seems not much has changed since then.
but it has. & the coffee's better.

here is a message of joy from mysfit:

i have no idea how old this is but it still works for me.
(i have a bellybutton, um, i am a sunflower...damn! how did that go???)

now i'm going to rearrange my bedroom & get my eyes into some scifi while i still can.

ps: there's thunder & lightning here in New York.
lightning? in January? quoi?

& i started a website for portraits, which is the thing about photography that i most love & am least practiced at.
so yeah.

23 little fish:

Blogger Erik swam up to say...

Of course, to the observer anything entering a black hole will appear to hang there because time slows down and OH MY GOD RELATIVITY MAKES MY HEAD ASPLODE.

11:21 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

me too.
's why i wrote about cats & cartoons instead.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

Cute how many of the Sailor Moon characters look frightened over their imminent demise.

Great portraits on the new website!

8:31 AM  
Blogger theleftsock swam up to say...


2:21 PM  
Blogger theleftsock swam up to say...

because i felt like sharing.

9:14 PM  
Blogger theleftsock swam up to say...

more sharing.

9:49 PM  
Blogger theleftsock swam up to say...
ok last one, but some of the videos are cool.


10:12 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

wow...i absolutely do not have the time to look at those right now.

1:21 PM  
Blogger theleftsock swam up to say...

definately check out the first one. its worth it.

1:30 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...


1:39 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

as a warning to anyone who's trying leftsock's link - .mov files are quicktime...

and i will not admit knowing anything about anyone in the video, thank you very much... :P

3:16 PM  
Blogger monkey 0 swam up to say...

I like:
a. your poems, and
b. how you seem to let them cure for a year or two before posting them...

"reflective green street signs / so I know where I live"
it's funny how some words just strike us.

4:44 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

sometimes i write new things directly onto the fish...

but it does them good to ferment for a year or so.

12:12 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

and the page of joy silently slips by

12:19 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

oh yeah?
well i grok your mouth music, fandangle.

1:14 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

:P that should probably have been "fandango"

6:10 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

really? i like "fandangle".

11:34 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

"ontological and psychological effects of the imagery on the structure of the poetic statements he makes" - right

and the humdinger: "all boys are silly" tranlated into symbolic logic(literally: 'for all things, if the things is a boy then it is silly') :P

11:44 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

i was never so hot at the language of logic...

1:16 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

yeah well, you were never so hot at logic either :P

1:24 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

don't i know it.

2:08 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

that animecon clip made me giggle...

3:43 AM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

ya - eeeeeeehehehehehehe - i still refuse to know anyone in it

10:57 AM  

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