Wednesday, February 22, 2006

historical fish

ah, i was wondering when They would get around to rewriting history.

apparently, a virtually secret "reclassification" process has been going on at the National Archives since 1999, albeit much accelerated during the tenure of this current circus--i mean, administration.

because it's really really important that already-published documents on the secret plan to float propoganda balloons behind the Iron Curtain are kept from inquiring eyes, e.g. historians & their ilk. dangerous types, historians.

or perhaps it's because some of the docs are embarassing?
ok, the C.I.A.'s assessment on Oct. 12, 1950, that Chinese intervention in the Korean War was "not probable in 1950," was proved horribly wrong when two weeks later, on Oct. 27, some 300,000 Chinese troops crossed into Korea, but really, there's so much happening right now that would seem even more embarassing...vice-presidents with shotguns, selling port control to the Dubai company...but then, what do i know?

"God cannot alter the past, though historians can." --Samuel Butler

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