Monday, March 27, 2006

today's fish

on this date in 1912 the first Japanese cherry blossom trees were planted in Washington D.C. as a gift from Tokyo. the National Cherry Blossom Festival (oooh! didn't know we had one of those) goes on all this week & next in the capital--oddly enough, i'll be there next weekend, so mayhap i'll return with photos of floral festitivities.

at any rate, there are some lovely photographs floating around because of it.

also on this date, in 1980, one week after i was born, & near enough to my house to be seen even if i was too young to remember it, Mt. St. Helens became active again after 123 years & started venting steam.
(though it really started on my birthday proper--an earthquake on March 20th.)

smoke & flowers people. smoke & flowers.

3 little fish:

Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

how apropriate of you, my dear sakura

3:38 PM  
Blogger Kelly swam up to say...

Are you really from the Great Northwest? I'm from Oregon, and remember wearing ash masks for weeks after St. Helens blew... Or at least laughing at the people who did. Cool, huh?

11:44 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

am i really from the great northwest...hmmmm, that's complicated.

i was born outside of seattle, & lived in washington for just under a year...most of 1980. thing is, being an infant, i don't remember much.

following that my family moved to new jersey, which means, tho not "born & bred", i'm a Jersey Girl. just one who happened to be born on the other coast.

but i've got Plans, big plans, to go out there, because i think it's important to see the place you were born, neh?

besides, being born over yonder is (i'm convinced) the only reason astrology calls me an aries & not a pisces. for whatever that's worth.

11:57 AM  

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