Friday, June 09, 2006

because time is like a fish...

it's been a year since i did this flashback-meme, & i thought it'd be fun to do again this year, shifting all the stories one year ahead.

10 years ago:

late spring, 1996.

the beginning of the summer of '96, & i was entering my full-on neo-flower-child phase. guitars, VW van circles in the woods, a fascination with fungi, vagrancies in Ocean City, working the graveyard shift at the Chatterbox & sleeping under the boardwalk. Jahn, who i was totally enamored with, wiping down tables at the Promenade while Monique worked the lemonade stand. midway through the summer i went to Greece with a bunch of smart kids from school & discovered the most beautiful place i've ever seen.

sigh. that was a good summer.

5 years ago:

me in paris, May 2001.

the beginning of the summer of 2001...the spring just closing like a flower, & what a spring it was, leading into...a horribly stagnant summer, actually...
in May i went to Paris with my mother & had a most beautiful time, drinking wine in sidewalk cafes, writing poetry late into the night in the little atrium-courtyard outside our room, visiting Monet's gardens at Giverny, & looking for Baudelaire's grave.
that summer, unfortunately, devolved into a boyfriend i wasn't sure i wanted moving into my apartment for lack of anywhere else to go (& oh how everyone loved him, that lunatic...) & summer classes that went on forever...culminating in one of the worst autumns ever.
but at the beginning of June everything seemed bright & i'll hold on to that bit & let go the rest.

1 year ago:

me with a wild rose, June 2005.

ah, june 2005...tagged along with Happy Anarchy on a short tour that hit DC, Long Island, & Philadelphia...attended an anime convention & lost all my photographs therof...had a cocktail party on this very weekend a year ago...saw dancers in a reflecting pool & vaudeville in an art space...caught up with some old friends on some old ground...

street sign in my old hometown.


choya umeshu.

oldben & i eat sushi (i love edamame!) & watch the Star Wars: Clone Wars dvds, taking a short break so he can go down to the Red Room & record guitar tracks. he returns bearing a gift of a dinosaur egg. it rains, again. i discover new & interesting ways in which my spine can explode into painful vertebrae flowers. i discover the joy that is umeshu, which i've never had before, not the least of which is the awesome company site. i chat briefly with the mysfit & wonder whether or not i've actually seen The Last Exile. (i haven't.)


the sun is shining! sing with me: "the sun'll come out...tomorrow..." because it's stuck in my head. i write this while drinking coffee. i decide which photographs to scan in from past expeditions to complement this flashback. i plan to walk to the Pathmark & buy supplies, because our cupboards have somehow become rather bare. i think i'll stop by the used bookstore & see what kind of credit i can get for some of my unwanted books. hopefully i'll find a copy of Chapterhouse: Dune but i doubt it, i've been checking there for months. tonight we're hosting a beginning-of-the-summer / let's-plan-our-caravan-to-Bonnaroo gathering. i'm going to eat, drink, & make merry, offer an apology to someone i was rude to, & hope all the social circles can coalesce without any strange chemical reactions.
but before this evening rolls around i'm going to sit in the goddamn sunshine on my pathetic scrap of lawn. & probably have a glass of umeshu.

(note: i'll add a photo here when i have one from today...)


i will be driving down home to ol' Atlantic City to celebrate father's day a week early, because (heehee) i'll be in Tennessee next weekend. i'm going to use my parent's laundry facilities to wash some blankets. hopefully the sun will keep shining so i can lay out on the beach for a bit, because if i head south into the stronger sun without getting a bit of color on my pale pale self i'm going to fry like an egg. or boil like a lobster. turn fiery red, is what i'm saying. i look forward to a tasty dinner & even tastier wines, because my parents have impeccable gourmet taste. yummy.

happy weekend fishies!


note from the fish: how we forget!
i forgot to mention a few things.

from yesterday:
i love it when people play with my photos.

henri banks from web-pix did this:

to my photo of my scary eye.

carl v. did this:

for my self-portrait "hair down" series.
i feel now i must consider what such a text would contain: poems? excerpts from the fish? a prosy autobiographical collections of rants? an explanation of the theory of jennodynamics? hmmmm...

& for today:
i will probably end up wasting some time playing old NES roms on this machine with our kick-ass usb-converted controllers. yeah. jaws, it's you or me this time.
although i think i'll leave beating Final Fantasy for another day, because the last time i tried the Temple of Fiends killed me instantly. apparently this serves me right for using a red mage instead of a black mage.


yesterday i was wearing all white,
but didn't end up taking the photo i meant to
until i was wrapped in this happy blue blanket.
ah well.

7 little fish:

Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

I really enjoyed Last Exile! Haven't had the chance to get to the Clone Wars DVD's but its on the to-see list.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

I love the Peek-a-boo picture, that's great!

5:40 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

i do is probably evident :P

12:28 PM  
Blogger oldben swam up to say...

hmmm...actually lost all of her pictures from the anime con is a nice way of saying i deleted them on accident like a schmuck. i had a man moment of i-can-figure-out-anything-technological and proved that i can't. at least not all the time

4:22 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

a valuable lesson to have learned, especially when it comes to other people's equipment :P

i forgave you immediately of course

10:05 PM  
Blogger IanBradley swam up to say...

The formula is as follows: Fighter, black belt, white mage, black mage.
Foolish girl.
Ask me about the Leffein Challenge, if your party cant do it they arent cool enough, I don't care how many times they've walked out of the Temple of Fiends not dragging thier limbs behind them.

3:12 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

okay i'll bite.
what's the leffein challenge?

do you have to beat chaos first?
because i still haven't done that yet...

12:59 PM  

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