Monday, November 14, 2005

all about my little fish

i've been tagged by tesco - that bastard - he hates these things and i think i agree with him but fair is fair right? (in other words, tesco, be warned: always be prepared) - sorry this took so long, i'm not so good at summing my self up

so here goes:

5 Things

10 years ago: oh must we think of old times that i'd rather forget? to be honest i can vaguely place things in relation to my age at the time but i only have vaguest idea what exactly was going on 10 years ago - i was still in highschool (yes i know, i'm a young-un), so i was probably drunk and this was not long before i ran away from home to go hitchhiking around the eastern US for a summer, but enough of these blurry memories... they make me dizzy

5 years ago: would that be 2000? I was program manager of a college radio station somewhere in NJ. trying my best to not fail out of school and - woah, look at that - drunk most of the time as well. my hair changed color at least once a month at that time in my life, so it was either blonde,red,black,blue,green,purple, or shaved - the possibility of a mohawk is very strong. (What? I get bored.)

1 year ago: worst job ever; morally strong and good but ethically, mentally, emotionally and monetary suspect. you know, i don't need moral/ethical issues in my job, i have enough in my life. plus i never want to rely on a "job" that requires unpaid overtime and and questions you dedication to the "cause" when you refuse to clean the toilets. just got out here to CO and suddenly i couldn't tell you why (i know now, but that hasn't happened yet - ask me in about a year ago in another two months or so). as for my creative life, it had just been totally hijacked by two stories, the likes of which have never been seen on this planet... then it got cold.

i agree with tesco, those seem a bit out of place, like two memes have merged to make a monster meme... but whatever...

5 yummy things
yummy? in my tummy? i hate food....

ok ok - ceasar salad with chick patties(mmm, vegetable protein disguised as chicken); chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice-cream, whiskey, stout beer

5 songs i know by heart (this one's hard as i usually know lyrics but not song names)
Rage Against the Machine: killing in the name of
They Might Be Giants: Birdhouse in Your Soul
Beastie Boys: Paul Revere
Happy Birthday
um... twinkle twinkle little star?

5 things i would do with a lot of money
kick my roommates out of my house... ok, no but I would highly encourage them to move
fly anywhere i want at the drop of a hat (and learn the language)
tuesdays would be a good time for anyone i knew
support Hamlet so he could be a ski-bum and not worry
invest in an independent publishing company

5 places i would escape to
my imagination - (well that about sums that up. as for "real" places - who cares just get me out of here!)

5 things i would never wear
crocs, crocs, anything from walmart (ever again - i know too much), crocs and um... crocs

5 favorite tv shows (kill your TV - you'll feel better about things)
Family Guy, Law and Order: SVU, do animes count as tv shows? then there's like 15 or so (Serial experiments: Lain, Shaman King, Boogie Pop Phantom, Bleach, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Bubblegum Crisis, etc.) - and there was this awesome show on the Discovery Channel where this older man got really excited about making historical connections

5 things i enjoy doing
writing (when i write well)
playing video games (when the game doesn't suck)
drawing, (which includes messing with pictures)
messing with people minds
yes i agree with tesco, sex is fun

favorite toys
photoshop (and thus by proxy, my computer)
my contact juggling ball
my pen (paints, brushes, markers, easel)
hamlet (oh come on - he is too a toy)
i wish i had a nail gun - i used the little palm-sized one when building the deck last winter (but if wishers were fishes - i'd have a jeep too)

five people who get this meme
oldben (still there? allo? allo?)
monkey 0

ha! so there - i hope that was informative

8 little fish:

Blogger Arethusa swam up to say...

Omg, you don't like food? That can't be right. You're saved with the anime though--I'm sure they count as shows. I love Trigun and Cowboy Bebop and have always meant to try Lain because I've heard a lot about it.

Thanks for commenting on my music post. :)

2:19 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

i never knew your antipathy towards wearing crocs.
as in, a whole one? teeth & all?
like an ermine stole, though you probably wouldn't wear one of those either.

i read the above comment & thought, aha, mysfit's out & about in the blogosphere, then it dawned on me that i had left a music comment...something about Arcade Fire, probably.


3:34 PM  
Blogger IanBradley swam up to say...

Is Confused, doesn't understand fully, this is...... chain letter? for blogs?
I agree, food is overrated, give me my robot body, or drop my brain in the vat......
something, just get me away from this thing....

1:01 PM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

yep, that's more or less what it is.
kinda an "about me" or "don't have anything else to post" or sometimes they can get imaginative, i liked the interview meme.

2:15 PM  
Blogger tescosuicide swam up to say...

Very informative.... First, I feed you a vegetarian dinner, take you to the airport jamming Rage and the Beasties, taking the long way of course to avoid WalMart, when we get to our destination is some European land, we'll build a deck with top quality Bosch neumatic tools while watchin the Family Guy box set and breaking only for sex...and of course start the week on Tuesday.

5:53 PM  
Blogger Daniel Heath swam up to say...

man am I behind on my tags... that's what I get for writing something way toooo long on a scratch fiction blog.

but when it is finished, I will reply! along with all the others in a supernova of tag-responding.

also, I would recommend mixing two of your loves: vanilla ice cream topped with a couple table-spoons of bourbon. yum! the better the ice cream and the better the bourbon the better the dessert, of course.

5:58 PM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

and put between cookies - ooo that's what i want for my birthday...

10:38 AM  
Blogger jenn see swam up to say...

we need to invent teleportation, then, so i can get it to you before the ice cream melts...

12:22 PM  

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