Tuesday, July 04, 2006

mists of july fish

dear jenn see,

happy fourth! so no fireworks for me this fourth of july - i guess it's just that type of year. i said my fish was stuck in the clouds, but i guess it fell down with the rain and is flopping around in the grass.

we're on to plan d (all of the above). first we were going to go up to nederland, that little town where we watched them over reservoir last year - i was going to pretend it was the ocean this time. but because of the drought out here, they were cancelled. plan B was a place called lookout mountain for a tailgate where we could see all the explosions on the plains of CO, but they closed the mountain. as we left boulder, the sky behind us darkened and over the mountains rolled a torrential storm. so we're barbecuing on our back porch and toasting to being free from those imperialist bastard... um oh, well to being free - again, eventually. :P

remember when we went to the top of that parking deck to watch the fireworks over the raritan river in NB? but the new ugly yellow buildings blocked our view just enough that they looked like they were under siege. we had such good times.

and i wanted to tell you that you've set some amazing things in motion. they will be posted on the fish just as soon as i've got all the details. this week, i will figure out how i fit into it all and then let the fish swim its course.

oh and tell oldben that the fish misses him, i can't do this myself you know. also, let him know that whenever he's ready is fine by me. no worries, you know. i wish i knew what to say. he's amazing, but then you know that better than i do.

i miss you. gonna go watch tombstone now. later.


p.s. this would have been sent last night, but i got really sick and both hamlet and i spend the whole night and the next day in utter agony - we think it might have been food poisoning.

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Blogger oldben swam up to say...

i remember that fourth on the wolfson deck. and ditto on the food poisoning, tho mine came the next day. meaning today, or now.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Dirk Fung swam up to say...

The good thing about food poisoning is that it makes a great anecdote when told in a chinese restaurant.

How are ya, Jensee? Miss ya. Come by sometime, I'm finally posting again. Hoorah!


p.s. Bring some friends... I've got some leftovers from last week that are starting to turn blue.

1:56 AM  
Blogger Carl V. swam up to say...

Hope you're feeling better now and thanks for posting, it helps.

11:34 AM  
Blogger IanBradley swam up to say...

Food poisining! Yuk! What tasty treat did it? I'll get em!
You won't get away with this, food!!!
*glares at the fridge*

3:21 AM  
Blogger mysfit swam up to say...

oldben, i thought you might. it's funny though - i remember that the buildings were the ugly yellow buildings but not if they still were at that time. memory's a strange thing.

dirk, i checked out your tribute post to jenn - nice fish :) - i think you make everyone laugh at least once and if not, they're oo tighgt-ascdsc, so there

ian, my dear, if wasn't the food! it was a nasty bug in the parlour with a herring! i expect you to take care of it immediately!

and carl, thank you. i needed to hear that and thanks for still coming by the fish. we likes you.

4:52 PM  

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