Tuesday, October 17, 2006

so we meet again fish

dear jennsee,

i keep starting posts and not finishing them. um.

there's a lot of things going on that i want to tell you about but it's hard to swim up here and take the time. not because no one will read it (they might not) but because you won't. um.

first: it's snowing! it's been snowing all day. it's beautiful outside but cold. the snow'll be gone in a day or two, but i plan to make at least one snow angel. um.

i got a new camera. yep, finally broke down and bought an 8-megapixel bundle of point-n-click joy. it's a cute little olympus sp-350 with 25mb of memory. it holds 4 pictures at the max setting... probably. i'm waiting for my memory card. um. it has many cool "scene" settings, like "behind glass" and "candlelight" and it tells you why each one is special. um.

this is neat: Damen by bert monroy, a digital photo-realist artist. um. so is this: Friday-the-thirteen history (which was part of a post i didn't finish on friday, when i went to a ski movie/hip-hip show. the show was ok.) um.

this sucks though: CBGB's is closing. um. it' a bar, well more like a punk landmark in NY. "I always said Hilly should go to Vegas," said McNeil. "Girls with augmented breasts playing Joey Ramone slot machines. It would become an institution." Hilly's the owner. i don't remember who McNeil is. um.

carl v. um. there really are RIP reviews on the way. i've finished three of the books on my list and one that wasn't. um.

i think it's really weird that i called your cell phone from the hip-hop show. um. i think i understand why it is still on and not disconnected even though it's been three months. um. it was good to hear your voice. i left a message. um.

it must be the age. i'm moving from posters pinned/ducktaped to walls to framed art. we bought a monet print on canvas. um. i got the puck poster you gave me framed: um.

they are trying to come up with a new list of seven wonders because, of the original seven, only the pyramids remain. they've narrowed it down to 21 wonders. which seven would you choose?


i think that's it for now. i'll try not to be such a bad little fish, what with halloween coming and all.

i miss you.


p.s. here's a picture for my little fishies that are looking for you: (i'm sorry oldben if this is too hard)