Tuesday, August 08, 2006

a different kind of fish-market

dear jenn,

i thought you'd get a kick out of this. below is an image that i did recently for my graphic design class. the assignment was to take current magazine and market it to a different audience. we had to keep the name of the magazine and the number of bullets on the cover. i took Powder - a skiing magazine - and marketed it to 18th century powder wig wearers and here's the result:

i know you'd ask about the girl - that's film actress Fay Wray best known for her parts in the original King Kong(1933) and The Mystery of the Wax Museum(1933) - in both of which she played the leading lady. i believe this picture is from the wax museum where she is dressed as Marie Antoinette.

thanks for the help in developing my image-sense.


sometimes even a fish must face reality and grin

dear jennsee,

i guess there comes a time to remove your mask and smile at the world. you never let anyone forget that they were dealing with jenn, only jenn and they should learn to love it or just keep on going.

on the other hand, i have always aspired to separate myself from my creative life. there were soapbox ideals behind this initial intention but there are times to step down from the soapbox and face yourself one on one. but you knew this. you taught me this and tried to drag me out from behind my games of smoke and mirrors. i know you are pleased as punch that i decided to post the image of us and that is why i can handle it. i am here to make you happy afterall, or at least, partially sane.

you were anything but anonymous so why should i hide? i think i owe our friends in the blogosphere at least a little of the frankness that they have always given us.

while i was packing i unearthed some things that i wish to share and in order to do so i must put aside the cracked mask and face my own anonymity, name or no name. so here's the cover of a birthday card you made for me. do you remember it?

(the inside of the card can be our little secret)

a good friend can take you out of your comfort zone and make you like it. a great friend can take the comfort zone out of you and make you not miss it. so here i am swimming in the deep end and why am i not surprised that it's all your fault, jenn darling?