Friday, December 22, 2006

this fish is drunk fish

so this is it, huh? life without jenn? there are days when i'm not sure if i am up to it. it's like missing an essential part of you. one that infuriated you, made you elated, destroyed you to help you rebuild again... in other words was all the things i need and she's just not...

tonight, after six months i am angry, i am reaching out to touch..., i am still.

i plan to drink... well i am drinking lots of wine. you'd be proud of me lov, you found "cheep red wine" with it's brown paper label - i found "house wine" with cheep white and black label. i drink in honor of my dearest friend, my sparing partner, my co-collaborator and well, just you, jenn.

i miss you darlink.


p.s. i'm your huckleberry